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Step into the some of the most beautiful and charming homes and gardens on the island through beautiful photography and descriptive writing. Make yourself at home!

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House of Sand and Sea

Wind power is becoming more acceptable and solar has been around for some time and growing in popularity. Alan Worden, co-founder of Windwalker Real Estate and CEO of Scout Capital, has created a home on...

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It’s a love of nature that has had people bringing the outdoors inside for thousands of years. Drawings from ancient Egypt show plants growing in troughs and on pedestals, and ancient art excavated from...

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House on the Hill

Perched atop the quiet landscape where Nantucket’s original town once crowded the banks of Capaum Pond, a dirt drive bordering a wood-fenced pasture fades into a circular white shell driveway that peers...

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Nantucket’s Wildflowers

I look forward to my walks at all times of the year. In the winter, my walking companion and I bundle up and leash the dogs and head out into the moors and we are invigorated by the bracing winds off the...

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A Rose by any other name

It never fails. Every time I press a fragrant rose to my nose and take a deep breath, my grandfather’s image is conjured up. Tall and tan, with sparse, snowy hair, he is walking with me through his...

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Designing With Nantucket In Mind

Trudy Dujardin has two signature trademarks of her work in interior design: one is a passion for green products, paints and finishes, to ensure the health of the home and the family that lives there; the...

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Container Gardens

The decks, patios and porches of Nantucket lend themselves perfectly to gardening above the soil line. A single step in front of your house or apartment can provide enough space for an overflowing color...

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The Greening of Nantucket

Out on Esther’s Island at the tip of Smith’s Point, Alan Worden is building a three-bedroom, three-bathroom retreat for his family and friends powered by wind and solar energy.

On Nobadeer Farm Road, the...

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Deck the Halls

Michael Molinar, owner of Flowers on Chestnut for the past 21 years, certainly knows how to dress up a home for the holidays. The style contributor for Plum TV, he recently opened up Distinctive Home, a...

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In the Garden

Nantucket is no Easter Island. There are no ancient stone monoliths or cave paintings here. Regurgitated by a glacier when it fled to colder climates 10,000 years ago, Nantucket is nothing but a pile of more

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