How to Get Here

There used to be a locally famous handmade sign downtown that read, “Boat to America. Next Left.” It’s an inside joke that stems from the fact that we sit some 30 miles off the mainland at the easternmost tip of the United States. Part of the beauty of Nantucket is that we are not just another exit off some highway. You can sail across the water or you can fly over it. There is no bridge. There is no third choice.

Take your pick, by air or water

By boat

Experienced island travelers know that an eye on the weather and an understanding of the boat and flight schedules can make for a pleasant and easy crossing. more >

By air

At the height of the summer season the Nantucket Memorial Airport is the second busiest airport in Massachusetts, just behind Boston’s Logan International Airport. more >


The best way to park on Nantucket is to leave your car in Hyannis. You can reserve a parking spot at the Hy-Line for $15 per day, but you had better call in advance. Tune your radio to 1610 AM, once... more >

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