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Step into the some of the most beautiful and charming homes and gardens on the island through beautiful photography and descriptive writing. Make yourself at home!

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Nantucket’s Community Garden

TGardening began as a communal activity. People worked together to raise the food their social group needed. In today’s fast-paced society that celebrates individualism, communal gardening is rare. One of...

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Living Green

When interior designer Trudy Dujardin walks through her front door after a day of debating fabric swatches and antique selections, her conscience is as clear as Nantucket’s night sky, and as clean as the...

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Scotch Broom

Among the first outposts in eastern North America to see dawn and celebrate the apogee of the vernal equinox, Nantucket is also among the last locations in the country to warm up. Surrounded as it is by...

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Growing & Showing Blue Ribbon daffodils

Judging daffodils may look like serious business, but a sense of humor and camaraderie are essential for success.

For 33 years, the Nantucket Garden Club has partnered with the American Daffodil Society to...

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In the Garden: Hollies

Like Munchkins in “The Wizard of Oz” who stay hidden until the excitement is over, native Nantucketers eagerly await the departure of the summer hubbub to come out of the woodwork and reestablish...

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Sanctuary in Madaket

“There’s no place in the world like Madaket.

It’s untouched,” says interior designer Donna Elle as she briefly pauses on the entranceway window seat.

The natural grasses and wild daisies that...

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Color & Light in Shimmo

While watching the ferry round Brant Point from a living room enlivened with colors that echo the garden and harbor views, it is clear that interior designer Trudy Dujardin has captured the spirit of...

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In The Garden – Hydrangeas

Mal Condon and Frank Dutra are addicts. Behind some knotty pines off Madaket Road, this enterprising pair of regular guys is busy building an unusual business: propagating, growing, selling and shipping...

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