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Step into the some of the most beautiful and charming homes and gardens on the island through beautiful photography and descriptive writing. Make yourself at home!

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Container Gardens

The decks, patios and porches of Nantucket lend themselves perfectly to gardening above the soil line. A single step in front of your house or apartment can provide enough space for an overflowing color...

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The Greening of Nantucket

Out on Esther’s Island at the tip of Smith’s Point, Alan Worden is building a three-bedroom, three-bathroom retreat for his family and friends powered by wind and solar energy.

On Nobadeer Farm Road, the...

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Deck the Halls

Michael Molinar, owner of Flowers on Chestnut for the past 21 years, certainly knows how to dress up a home for the holidays. The style contributor for Plum TV, he recently opened up Distinctive Home, a...

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In the Garden

Nantucket is no Easter Island. There are no ancient stone monoliths or cave paintings here. Regurgitated by a glacier when it fled to colder climates 10,000 years ago, Nantucket is nothing but a pile of more

Briar Patch

If the whitewashed tongue-and-groove paneling of Briar Patch could talk, perhaps it would whisper of summer dinner parties, and the magical glow of lanterns hung from a pergola climbing with wisteria and...

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Growing a Champion Pumpkin

Nantucket may have its share of golf tournaments, road races, sailing regattas and sand-castle contests, but a contest of another sort beats them all in longevity, seriousness and intent. First sanctioned...

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Old Meets New on Milk Street

The modest white wooden gate on Vestal Street gives few clues to the tranquil oasis beyond.

Set among shoulder-high, vibrant green hedges, it opens just around the corner from Milk Street to a spacious...

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Nantucket’s Community Garden

TGardening began as a communal activity. People worked together to raise the food their social group needed. In today’s fast-paced society that celebrates individualism, communal gardening is rare. One of...

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Living Green

When interior designer Trudy Dujardin walks through her front door after a day of debating fabric swatches and antique selections, her conscience is as clear as Nantucket’s night sky, and as clean as the...

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Scotch Broom

Among the first outposts in eastern North America to see dawn and celebrate the apogee of the vernal equinox, Nantucket is also among the last locations in the country to warm up. Surrounded as it is by...

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