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20 Years of Open-House

“Central heating, French rubber goods and cookbooks are three amazing proofs of man’s ingenuity in transforming necessity into art, and, of these, cookbooks are perhaps most lastingly delightful.”

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The Chanticleer

The Chanticleer has always been more of a total culinary experience than just a mere restaurant, largely due to the efforts of Jean-Charles Berruet, who owned the restaurant with his then-wife Anne, for 35...

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Marian Morash’s August Abundance

June 24, and another rainy day in a season of them. Undaunted, I muck my way through our soggy island vegetable garden...My husband, Russ, is arriving on the 11:30 boat in time for lunch and all he ever...

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Rev. Ted’s Excellent Adventures in Blueberrying

Finding the local library was the most momentous discovery of my growing up. I say that without reservation. By finding it, I don’t mean to imply that I had not known where it was. I’d known where the...

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When Guests come for the Weekend

Under the best circumstances, performing the job of a good host is a task fraught with many implications.

These implications stem from whom you’re hosting and in turn their expectations of you. On...

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Seasonal Kitchen

A springtime picnic is the perfect way to celebrate winter’s end. In addition to the several organized island events that give us the opportunity to plan an outdoor meal, don’t dismiss an improvised visit...

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A Passion for Pizza

Evan Marley’s face lights up when he talks about making pizza, about eating pizza, about his favorite pizza places in the world – Italy, New York and Concord, Massachusetts, his hometown.

While it may...

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An Irish Dinner with Friends


If you can’t get your hands on the fabulous oak-smoked Irish salmon Aisling likes to use in this recipe, make sure to use another...

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Wild Things: Beach Plums

You can take the plum out of the wild, but can you take the wild out of the plum? One of Nantucket’s unique native sons, the beach plum is well-known as the source of beach plum jelly, a staple in...

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Cocktails at Westmoor with Peter Wallace

“In front of the Westmoor Club’s yellow-shingled clubhouse, executive chef Peter Wallace shucks oysters, his contemplative state apparent amidst an atmosphere of summertime frivolity. Under a cerulean...

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