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Nantucket House Antiques

Going into the antique and interior-design business might seem a bit odd for two people who studied mechanical engineering and marketing in college. For Tucker Holland and his wife Michelle, however, it...

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Cottage Living

The cottages in Leslie Linsley’s new book may be small, but they have big personalities.

In “Nantucket Cottages & Gardens: Charming Spaces on the Faraway Isle,” Linsley, who partnered with island...

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20 Years Later: Reflections on the beginning of the Nantucket Film Festival

It was winter and there always seemed to be another film they had to watch. There were deadlines. There were stacks of VHS tapes and three-quarter-inch tapes, maybe 300 of them. It was a very large pile...

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Anita Diamant

In her fifth work of fiction, Anita Diamant makes a return to the first-person narrative of her first novel,“The Red Tent.” But this time the structure of the narrative puts the female storyteller in a...

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Nantucket Book Festival

The guy randomly sharing a table with me at Handlebar Café wanted to know what I thought of the book I was reading.

He had finished it only a week before and had his own opinions. If you are a lover of...

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Stitches In Time

Susie Boardman sits on her couch, her caramel-colored Norwich terrier Sukey curled up beside her while she listens to the crisp British voice of actress Tilda Swinton reading those familiar words, “Call me...

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Designing Woman

Island textile designer Ezra Descarfino pulls one of her handmade, fully-fashioned dresses out of a box. The piece, part of a collection from her own label, is soft to the touch, a mixture of baby alpaca...

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Musical Journey

The moment things changed for Erik Wendelken came in Columbus, Ohio.

He had been playing the stand-up bass since he was a 12-year-old boy, in school orchestras, at summer music camps, studying with...

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The Art & Architecture of Graham Gund

Take a walk on Tupancy Links, that rolling parcel of conservation land nestled between Cliff Road and the bluff overlooking Nantucket Sound, and what appears to be a family compound rises off to the west. more

Doerte Neudert’s Art Cabinet

Island art dealer and artist Doerte Neudert gazes across the dining-room table of her Dukes Road home, reminiscing about her life. She says out loud the words above, and they are, in essence, the motto of...

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