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Folk Art From the Whalers

The gallery tells two stories: the gruesome, bloody one about hunting and dismembering sperm whales in the South Pacific for oil, and the less-dramatic one of sailors’ boredom on the three-year voyages...

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It’s not the first place you’d expect to find a busy woodworking shop, this quiet dirt road a few hundred yards from the water in Shimmo.

But tucked back amid the scrub brush is a two-story building...

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Laura Gallagher Byrne knows that not all of the 30 children on stage at the Dreamland are there because they want to be professional actors. For some, the stage is a place to be with friends after school,...

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The Sara Roby Collection

Dan Elias walked into the Winter Antiques Show at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan in January. He ran into a familiar face: Nantucket Historical Association executive director James Russell.

They had...

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Lights, Camera, Action!

There’s something magical about sitting in the dark, in a movie theater, surrounded by strangers, watching a story unfold on the big screen in front of you, enveloped in Surround Sound, that can’t be...

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Jeff Ross is playing the guitar and singing before an audience at the brotherhood, or sandbar, or Millie’s, or some other place where the word “venue” no longer means what it once did, back when he was...

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A Guided Tour… Through Jazz and Blues

Charley Walters wants me to listen to the guitar solo on “Eight Miles High,” by the Byrds. Then he wants me to listen to a Charlie Parker tune called “India” off his live album “Impressions.” He wants me...

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Open Air Art

Installation artist M.J. Levy Dickson feels strongly about making art as accessible as possible. The idea is to strip away the pomp and circumstance of a museum or gallery, and create an open atmosphere...

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Creative Colony on the Moors’ Edge

Tucked away down a narrow, winding dirt road in the middle moors is a quiet, sprawling, seven-acre estate with a barn and a pond surrounded by protected open space. You would never know from the outside,...

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New Look For an Old House

Nantucket mariner Christopher Folger built a house on the north shore in 1753, at the tender age of 21. He died at sea in 1774 and the house stayed in the immediate family until his son sold it to his...

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