People & Our Past

Discover an island steeped in history and home to a host of fascinating people from all walks of life.

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Nantucket House Antiques

Going into the antique and interior-design business might seem a bit odd for two people who studied mechanical engineering and marketing in college. For Tucker Holland and his wife Michelle, however, it...

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Preserving History

The Old Jail. The Oldest House. The Old Mill.

The streets of Nantucket are lined with historic homes and buildings, an easy giveaway by the word “old.”

These structures make up the historical integrity...

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225 Years of Saving Lives

It was a storm of Shakespearean magnitude, a tempest that blew in with no warning on a Monday morning in the spring of 1879.

“The sea grew white as if by magic and as the elements raged more violently,...

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A Touch of Provence in Quidnet

There are many houses in our lives, some in places we will never forget.

What we remember is often a mix of landscape, memories and people who lived there with us. Or perhaps it’s simply the way the...

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American Love Story

Kelly Fidler and U.S. Marine Cpl. Tim Donley tied the knot on Nantucket on Saturday, May 30, 2015 at the Shimmo home of Erwin and Stephanie Greenberg. The wedding was thrown by island friends who were...

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Anita Diamant

In her fifth work of fiction, Anita Diamant makes a return to the first-person narrative of her first novel,“The Red Tent.” But this time the structure of the narrative puts the female storyteller in a...

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Transition…Tom Proch

For 29 years, Tom Proch was the culinary genius at The Club Car,

Joe Pantorno’s iconic island restaurant, named after the dining car that was once part of Nantucket’s shortlived railroad. But that all...

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On the evening of July 13, 1846, a faulty stovepipe in a hat store on Main Street ignited the Great Fire, and it swept through downtown Nantucket without discrimination, its flames consuming nearly...

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Stitches In Time

Susie Boardman sits on her couch, her caramel-colored Norwich terrier Sukey curled up beside her while she listens to the crisp British voice of actress Tilda Swinton reading those familiar words, “Call me...

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The World of the Essex

In the end all that remained was a harrowing story, a nightmare of survival in the Pacific Ocean. Soon after the survivors returned home, the story of their journey to the edge of the known world, the...

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