People & Our Past

Discover an island steeped in history and home to a host of fascinating people from all walks of life.

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Mr. Conservation

There is a place, at the top of a little rise in the Shawkemo Hills, where you can clearly see the lighthouses of both Great Point and Sankaty in the distance. In the sightlines are the harbor and the...

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Jane Alexander: Actress, Author, Activist

They are some of her earliest memories. Jane Alexander couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 when her family first started spending summers on Nantucket in the early 1940s. Her father was a surgeon, serving...

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Lessons in Life from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

It began the way documentary film projects sometimes do, with a conversation, with a simple question that seemed almost random at the time but which opened up the moment into something larger, something...

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At Ease on The Cliff

You might think it’s easy for two people whose businesses involve designing and furnishing other people’s homes to design their own living space.

But when interior designer Jennifer Sell and her husband...

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Into the Deep

Eric Savetsky is very far away from the offices of the Nantucket Islands Land Bank, where he is executive director. He is in a Zodiac, which has been motoring through the Norwegian fjords all day, looking...

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The Questions: Amy Zielinski

Amy Zielinski took over as executive director of Sustainable Nantucket this winter after a number of years as the event scheduler at Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm and then a brief stint at the Nantucket Land...

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Glacial Gift

Fourteen thousand years ago, Nantucket was a very different place.

Not an island yet, it has been described by geologists as a small rise of hills in an otherwise flat plain of land, covered by a shallow...

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Philanthropy on Nantucket

There are dozens of nonprofit and charity organizations on Nantucket dedicated to doing good work, from fostering art and culture to protecting soul-soothing open space. They enrich the lives of residents...

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A Life on the Water

After 44 years in the charter-fishing business, Captain Tom Mleczko officially passed the torch to his son Jason this summer. But that doesn’t mean he has retired.

Tom is something of a local living...

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TNP: Incubating Ideas

Craig Arnold was just four years out of Nantucket High School when he attended the second Nantucket Project in 2012 on an Inquirer and Mirror fellowship.

The budding entrepreneur, who had spent time in...

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