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Step into the some of the most beautiful and charming homes and gardens on the island through beautiful photography and descriptive writing. Make yourself at home!

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“The corn is in”

There is nothing like the taste of fresh corn, just picked from the field. Slathered with butter and graced with a sprinkling of salt, an ear of corn properly prepared is a meal unto itself.

Corn on the...

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Home Grown With Local Talent

When Patti and Prenny Claflin purchased almost three acres of uncultivated land in the Shawkemo Hills area of Polpis in 1982, there weren’t many houses within sight. The area, which was once devoted to...

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A rose is a rose is a rose

Roses can present a very confusing picture: Tea rose vs. grandiflora, climbing rose vs. rambling rose, not to mention all the heirloom varieties, new hybrids and the other various brands. How ever is one...

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Climate Change: How does your garden grow?

From the time I moved to New England, people have told me, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”

This maxim holds true more than ever in our shifting climate. Who ever thought, back when I...

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Mid-Century Modern in Historic Sconset

This 600-square-foot house feels quite spacious due to the openness and many windows typical of mid-century modern architecture. The homeowner’s collection of art and furniture of the period creates an...

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Putting the Garden to Bed

As the days get shorter and the nights get cooler, my thoughts begin to shift toward winter activities, planning some travel and getting some household renovations done. But before we can move forward, we...

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Fall for Color

Toward the end of August, flower gardens often begin to look a little fatigued. Annuals have been blooming their heads off, summer perennials are starting to fade, windstorms may have broken some stems,...

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A Home for All Seasons

When Nancy Cooke and Richard Schafer built their home on Nantucket in 1997 they designed it to perfectly suit their lifestyle.

“We found a piece of property that spoke to us. We loved the serenity and...

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Growing Farmers

John Kuszpa squats down and picks up some perennial onion bulbs. They are small and clustered, the very definition of what it means for a plant to go to seed. He explains that he leaves some onions...

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The Gray Catbird

It comes from the depths of every tangle, an emphatic call, a cry, almost a meow.

  But the sound, whether sharp as in “Cat!” or drawled as in “CAAaaatt,” is from no stray feline. Skulking in the bushes,...

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