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The Sweet Life

“Nobody disputes the role of dogs as man’s best friend, but a convincing argument can also be made for the honey bee.” 
–Martin Elkort, “The Secret Life of Food”

For the past three years, bees in...

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Sultans of the Sonoma Coast

For anyone who doubts the concept of terroir in winemaking – who thinks that the winemaker is the key, and the soil, terrain, climate and other aspects of place don’t have much influence on what actually...

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Living The American Dream

It’s early evening and Marco Coelho is already dancing between platters of exquisite sushi rolls and mouth-watering burgers in foie gras dipping sauce to exchange hugs with Lo La 41’s faithful patrons. more


Simple. Contemporary. Elegant. Walking through Dune, the restaurant he opened in the former Cioppino’s space on Broad Street April 3, Michael Getter uses these words more than once – nearly a dozen times,...

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Ethnic Chefs

I had been around the world before I stepped foot on Nantucket – Samoa, Thailand, Nepal, Afghanistan. Cy’s Green Coffee Pot on South Water Street, now the Atlantic Café, didn’t do it for me. I needed food...

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Gourmet Potluck

It wouldn’t be stretching the truth to call the gathering of the Pilgrims and their Native American neighbors, convened to celebrate the Mayflower passengers’ first successful harvest in their new home,...

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Nantucket Coffee Roasters Wakes up the Island

Living in New York City, I seemingly have everything at my fingertips. The Allman Brothers played just a hop away at the Beacon Theater; I jog in Central Park near my apartment, and my favorite Thai...

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Eating Local

Patty Myers knows how a real tomato should taste. It naturally fuses the proper balance between acidic and sweet. Its skin, like a small red balloon, bursts with flavorful juices when punctured. It needs...

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Bake with Fall’s Favorite Fruit

If there is one fruit that is in the forefront of our cultural consciousness, it has to be the apple. Just think of all the everyday expressions that revolve around this versatile fruit.

“An apple a day...

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Memories, with Love

As August begins and sailors gear up for Nantucket Race Week, culminating with the Opera House Cup race, we pay tribute to the woman who started it all. Gwen Gaillard founded the Opera House Cup in 1973,...

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