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Microgreens: A Tray of Summer in the Depth of Winter

Winter can be a time of despair for gardeners. To the uninitiated, it is hard to describe how a gardener feels perusing the produce aisles of Stop & Shop in the winter months. California-farmed greens are...

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Looking Ahead: Lessons from the 2021 Growing Season

Gardens are a place of refuge. For many of us, they provide an escape from hectic schedules and the hustle and

bustle of summer life on a crowded island. It’s perfectly natural to enjoy your walledoff...

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The Border Garden

Sitting on my back porch the first week of July and looking across the lawn at the border garden where feathery purple catmint is the backdrop for golden Stella d’Oro lilies and the yellow fronds of lady’s...

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Keeping Spring’s Promise from Fading

The dog days of summer: The weather is humid, downtown is gridlocked and the lettuce and radishes you planted in June have long since been eaten or gone to flower. Your tomato plants are going strong, with...

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Interplanting: Grow more with less space

Novice gardeners often approach an empty garden much like an overzealous patron at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It is not enough to simply put seeds or plants in the
ground. To make the most of your garden,...

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What’s All The Buzz About?

Anton Ragozin pulls on a pair of coveralls, gloves and a protective mesh veil as he walks along a trail to the apiary he set up with eight beehives behind a friend’s house in Madaket.

They’re some of the...

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Root Crops for Fall Harvest

Plants take months to grow and it is our job as gardeners to plan ahead and forecast the changes that will take place in the coming months. This lesson is harsh and ongoing, and it is

the reason that the...

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Nantucket’s Newfound Penchant for Pools

Who can resist the lure of a swimming pool, just steps from your back door? Lounging by the pool on a hot summer day, entertaining poolside, swimming laps or taking a quick dip provides us with exercise...

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Beating the Heat

Summer is here and the garden is in full swing. Tall tomato plants are loaded with fruit soon to ripen, cucumbers are weighing down their vines and your neighbors have probably learned to avoid you if they...

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Sowing the seeds of self-reliance

People garden for many reasons, but one underlying motivation, especially in these coronavirus times, is self-reliance. Taking ownership of something as fundamental as our own nourishment can be a...

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