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Nantucket Restaurant Guide - 2013

Nantucket Restaurant Guide CoverWhether you're looking for a lobster roll and a cup of chowder to go, an ice cream cone after a day at the beach, or five-star dining, you can satisfy all those appetites on Nantucket. Peruse the sample menus within to find your kind of restaurant.

Nantucket boasts more fine-dining establishments per capita than many metropolitan areas, making dining out a popular pastime, especially in the summer months.

While Nantucket has numerous restaurants, which range from casual snack and sandwich shops to formal dining, they can all become crowded during the season. Getting a reservation during the height of July and August can be difficult if you have not booked far enough in advance. It is wise to book up to one week ahead for reservations on the weekends. Holiday weekends also require advance booking. At the same time, please be sure to give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your reservation.

Casual evening dress in many restaurants means polo shirts and khakis for men, and summer slacks or dresses for women. Formal wear means jackets for men, though ties are hardly ever worn on Nantucket. Jeans and shorts are acceptable during the daytime at the more casual sandwich and snack shops, but athletic wear, bathing suits and skimpy tops are never appropriate at island restaurants. Even the most casual places have a rule: No shirt, no shoes, no service.

Cell phones are banned in almost all island restaurants. If you must carry your phone with you, please turn the ringer off, and excuse yourself from your table if you must take or place a call.

Restaurants are listed alphabetically below.

Offers take-out


A. K. Diamond's American, Seafood, Steakhouse Menu | Website
16 Macy Lane 508-228-3154
American Seasons Locally-inspired Seasonal Cooking Menu | Website
80 Centre Street 508-228-7111
Annye's Whole Foods Carry-out Cuisine Menu | Website
14 Amelia Drive 508-228-4554
Arno's at 41 Main Street American Bistro Menu | Website
41 Main Street 508-228-7001
Bartlett's Farm American Menu | Website
33 Bartlett Farm Road 508-228-9403
Black-eyed Susan's Domestic & Foreign Cooking Menu | Website
10 India Street 508-325-0308
Boarding House American, Seafood, Steak Menu | Website
12 Federal Street 508-228-9622
Brant Point Grill American, Seafood, Steak Menu | Website
50 Easton Street 508-325-1320
Breeze Bar + Café New England Coastal Cuisine Menu | Website
23 Broad Street 508-228-4730  
Brotherhood of Thieves Regional American & Pub Fare Menu | Website
23 Broad Street 508-228-2551  
Centre Street Bistro New American, Fusion Menu | Website
29 Centre Street 508-228-8470
The Chanticleer Inspired French Cuisine Menu | Website
9 New Street, 'Sconset 508-257-4499
Cisco Brewers Hand-crafted Ales, Spirits & Wines Menu | Website
5 Bartlett Farm Road 508-325-5929
The Club Car New American, French, Italian, Seafood Menu | Website
1 Main Street 508-228-1101
Company of the Cauldron American, Continental Menu | Website
5 India Street 508-228-4016
Corazon del Mar Modern Latin Kitchen Menu | Website
21 South Water Street 508-228-0815
Cowboy's Meat Market & Deli Butcher Shop & Delicatessen Menu | Website
7 Bayberry Court 508-228-8766
Crosswinds American Menu | Website
14 Airport Road 508-228-6005
Cru New England Cuisine, Oyster Bar Menu | Website
1 Straight Wharf 508-228-9278
Downyflake American Menu
18 Sparks Avenue 508-228-4533
Dune Contemporary American Menu | Website
20 Broad Street 508-228-5550
Easy Street Bar & Grill Fun, Fast, Affordable Family Food Menu | Website
2 Broad Street 508-228-5031
Easy Street Cantina Fun, Fast, Affordable Family Food Menu | Website
2 Broad Street 508-228-5418
Faregrounds American Menu | Website
27 Fairgrounds Road 508-228-4095
Fifty-Six Union Global Cuisine Menu | Website
56 Union Street 508-228-6135
Figs at 29 Fair Bistro Menu | Website
29 Fair Street 508-228-7800
Foood for Here and There American Menu | Website
149 Lower Orange Street 508-228-4291
Fusaro's Homemade Italian Menu | Website
17 Old South Road 508-228-4100
Galley Beach Global Cuisine Menu | Website
54 Jefferson Avenue 508-228-9641
The Green Take-out Menu | Website
5 West Creek Road 508-228-1100
Henry Jr. Take-out Sandwiches Menu
129 Orange Street 508-228-3035
Island Kitchen American Bistro Menu | Website
1 Chin's Way 508-228-2639
The Jetties New England meets Italy Menu | Website
4 Bathing Beach Road 508-228-2279
Kitty Murtagh's Irish, American Menu | Website
4 West Creek Road 508-325-0781
Languedoc Bistro French American Bistro Menu | Website
24 Broad Street 508-228-2552
LoLa 41 Global Cuisine, Sushi Menu | Website
15 South Beach Street 508-325-4001
LoLa Burger Burgers & Beers Menu | Website
1 Sparks Avenue 508-224-9491
Met on Main American Classics, Eclectic Island Fare Menu | Website
38 Main Street 508-325-5111
Miacomet American Menu | Website
12 Miacomet Road 508-325-0335
Millie's Mexican Menu | Website
326 Madaket Road 508-228-8435
Missy's Minis Bakery Menu | Website
Online 508-325-3194
Mom's Breakfast at Nantucket Inn American Menu | Website
1 Miller's Lane 508-228-6900
Nantucket Gourmet American Menu | Website
4 India Street 508-228-4353
Nantucket Wine & Spirits Hand-picked Wines, Spirits and Craft Beers Info | Website
31 Sparks Avenue 508-228-1136
Òran Mór Seasonal, Regional Menu | Website
2 South Beach Street 508-228-8655
Pazzo Mediterranean Menu | Website
130 Pleasant Street 508-325-4500
The Pearl Modern Coastal Cuisine Menu | Website
12 Federal Street 508-228-9701
Petticoat Row Bakery Baked Goods, Coffee Menu | Website
35 Centre Street 508-228-3700
Pi Pizzeria Italian American Menu | Website
11 West Creek Road 508-228-1130
The Proprietors Local, Seasonal Menu | Website
9 India Street 508-228-7477
Provisions Gourmet Sandwiches, Soups & Salads Menu | Website
3 Harbor Square 508-228-3258
Queequeg's American, Seafood Menu | Website
6 Oak Street 508-325-0992
Rose & Crown Eclectic Pub Fare Cuisine Menu | Website
23 South Water Street 508-228-2595
Sayle's Seafood Seafood Menu | Website
99 Washington Street Ext. 508-228-4599
SeaGrille Creative Coastal & Traditional New England Menu | Website
45 Sparks Avenue 508-325-5700
Ships Inn American Brasserie Menu | Website
13 Fair Street 508-228-0040
Siam To Go Thai Cuisine & Snack Bar Menu | Website
1 Backus Lane 508-228-7426
Something Natural Yuppie Sandwiches on Freshly Baked Bread Menu | Website
50 Cliff Road 508-228-0504
Sophie T's Pizza Classic Pizza, Salad & Subs Menu | Website
7 Daves Street, Bayberry Court 508-325-6265
Starlight Theatre & Café American Menu | Website
1 North Union Street 508-228-4479
Straight Wharf Seafood Menu | Website
6 Harbor Square 508-228-4499
Stubbys American Menu
8 Broad Street 508-228-0028
The Summer House New American Menu | Website
17 Ocean Avenue, 'Sconset 508-257-9976
The Summer House Beachside Bistro Mediterranean Bistro Menu | Website
17 Ocean Avenue, 'Sconset 508-257-4542
Sushi by Yoshi Asian, Sushi, Tempura Menu | Website
2 East Chestnut Street 508-228-1801
Thai House Thai, Sushi Menu | Website
118 Old South Road 508-680-1522
Topper's at the Wauwinet Eclectic American Menu | Website
120 Wauwinet Road 508-228-8768
Town Global Menu | Website
4 East Chestnut Street 508-325-TOWN
Ventuno Italian Menu | Website
21 Federal Street 508-228-4242
Wicked Island Bakery From-Scratch Bakery Menu | Website
147 Orange Street 508-901-5797

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