The Juice Bar Defines Summertime

by: Dean Geddes

photography by: Chris Tran

The scent of waffle-cone batter wafts across Broad Street as patrons wait in a line that sometimes curves around the corner, for their ice-cream fix at The Juice Bar. It’s a scene that plays out summer night after summer night and has for decades.

“It’s sort of a Nantucket thing to do, stand in line and talk to other people from different places,” owner Ron Lefebvre said.
When you finally get to the window to order, you might choose from one of a series of flavors named by Lefebvre. At The Juice Bar they are constantly coming up with new flavors. But without the right name, they can easily fall through the cracks, among the over 40 flavors available on any given day.

Gloria Young has seen more summers at The Juice Bar than anyone else who works there.

“It’s funny how a name can really change the popularity of a flavor,” Lefebvre said. “One time I had a baker make way too many peanut-butter cookies with Reese’s Pieces in them. We called it chocolate peanut butter cookie ice cream and it just wasn’t moving. So, we changed the name to Deer Droppings and it flew off the shelf.”

The popular flavors right now, at least for kids, are Cookie-Butt and KitKat-Butt. The butt, in this case, stands for Butterfingers, which are ground up and added to vanilla ice cream. It tastes amazing, but customers also get a kick out of the name.

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