The Home Bar -Winter 2019

by: Kevin Stanton

photography by: Nicole Harnishfeger

Winter is coming, and as the days grow shorter and the nights get colder, the majority of the Northeast goes into hibernation mode. While there are still a number of local watering holes open for those looking for a libation, home bars are becoming more and more popular.

Just to be clear, by home bar I do not mean a bottle of whiskey under the kitchen sink. Nor do you have to go to the other extreme and serve drinks from a silver platter.

Home bars can be somewhere in between. They can be a fun way to delve into bartending without the stress of a crowd of people barking drink orders at you. As most bartenders will tell you, making drinks is the easiest part. Reading the crowd and being sociable while still efficient is the real trick. A bartender is first and foremost the host of the party, even in his or her own home.

After the end of Prohibition, bar carts became a popular way of entertaining. Today, with the popularity of craft cocktails, they are back in style. With the slew of winter holidays upcoming, what better way to show your guests a good time by surprising them with a perfectly-executed Manhattan or OldFashioned? From glassware to the playlist, a home bar allows you to curate the entire experience for your guests.

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