Surfin’ ACK

by: David Creed

photography by: Chris Tran

Surfing is more than just a hobby for Ieva Aldins. It is a therapeutic part of her life that sharpens her focus and gives her a natural sense of euphoria. Aldins teaches meditation, but none of the meditative techniques she has practiced create the level of inner peace and serenity that surfing gives her.

“I’ll be at the beach and a friend will come up to chat but then I see this wave come up and I just get itchy inside,” Aldins said. “I just need to get into that water. There is this addictive quality to it. You are tapping into energy. There is energy moving across this water and if you can synch up to that energy then you are being carried by energy across the ocean.”

Ieva Aldins

Aldins is part of an island surfing community that continues to grow each year, a tribe of like-minded searchers. The feeling she and other surfers get is hard to explain to a non-surfer, but one every surfer can relate to, she said.

“Imagine if you were just hanging out at a beautiful place with a beautiful breeze,” she said. “You start running and the breeze just lifts you up and you start flying. Yes, you have to work for it but when you get into that synchronistic place where your energy links up with the wind you are being carried.”

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