Stepping up for Mom -Fall 2019

by: Dean Geddes

photography by: Nicole Harnishfeger

In the spring of 2012, Robin Harvey was struck by a pickup truck and seriously injured while riding her bike home from the SeaGrille, the restaurant she and her husband E.J. owned. As she recovered in a Boston hospital, her children Adriene, Tucker and Kari stepped up and took the reins of the family business. It was the beginning of the changing of the guard at the SeaGrille.

“That forced Kari and Tucker and (Kari’s husband) Zack to really

From left: ZacK Lindsay, Kari Harvey Lindsay, EJ Harvey, Tucker Harvey, Adriene Harvey Lombardi and Travis Lombardi.

step up,” Adriene said. “I know for a fact, my mother and father would have never let them take over. Not because they didn’t think they were capable but because mom couldn’t help herself, she couldn’t take a day off.”

With Robin in the hospital, and E.J. and the rest of the family taking turns staying with her, the next generation shouldered the load back at the restaurant on Nantucket.

“I’m very proud of them,” E.J. said. “It seems like they learned a lot from their mother. She instilled in them to be really good people, and I think that shines through in the business. That was the thing with Robin, she would always remember people’s names, and Zack and Kari are very good with that. Our staff doesn’t have much turnover and people recognize this is a family business and they appreciate that. ”

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