Saltwater in their DNA -Fall 2019

by: David Creed

photography by: Terry Pommett

Alex Perkins’ office is the Atlantic Ocean, specifically the waters off Nantucket. He steps off the dock at Children’s Beach onto one of his 24-foot Carolina skiffs to go to work every morning. If you think his office is better than yours, he agrees.

“I learned to drive a boat before I could drive a car. I have never had a desk job in my life,” Perkins said. “I get to spend real long days out on the water. I get to show people Nantucket from my perspective. When people come to Nantucket they don’t always get to see it from our point of view.”

From left: Blair, Rachael, Renee, Max and Alex Perkins

Alex began working for the family business, Shearwater Excursions, when he was 11 years old. The local charter and eco-tour business, founded by his parents Blair and Rachael 22 years ago, continues to provide him with the opportunity to do what he loves.

“Being able to teach a family from New York how to dig for clams when they have never really done anything like that before is such a crazy, unique experience,” Perkins said. “Teaching a kid how to reel in that first fish. Being able to see the look on an 8-year-old’s face when they see their first whale ever. I have so many days where I am being paid to do what I would be doing on my off days.”

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