Magic in Madaket -August 2019

At Home with Family and Friends

by: Leslie Linsley

photography by: Terry Pommett

In 1969 Dan and Connie Driscoll came to the island to visit her brother and his young family who had rented a house in town. Like many visitors, they fell in love with the island immediately.

“We loved the environment, the people, the sense of community that was immediately apparent,” Connie said. But it would be many years before the Driscolls would realize the dream of owning a home on Nantucket.

The living room is designed in subdued gray, silver, sand and black, with collectibles wherever the eye lands.

They returned to the island in 1971 with their first-born daughter Kelly, and stayed at the Periwinkle Inn. During that visit they explored the island and all its natural beauty and their desire to live here was rekindled, but it wouldn’t be until 1997 that they finally became island homeowners.

Connie, a decorator, describes herself as a very low-key person and could see herself and Dan, a filmmaker, becoming part of the community. One rainy day she got a call from real-estate agent Juliet Hunter, who said she had just seen a house with a front porch that she knew the Driscolls would love. The house was at the beginning of Madaket Road.

“I took my mother with me to look at it. Dan was out of the country at the time. When I walked into that house I knew this was my dream home,” Connie said. “The exterior was quite simple, but Danny and I saw the potential to make something that, to us, is magical.”

The two-story house is nestled into the property at the end of a long shell driveway. The large lot is surrounded by mature hedges that create privacy for their little piece of heaven, within walking distance of Main Street. Several years after moving in, Connie and Dan took on an extensive renovation with the help of George Pappas. They opened up the first floor to create a large open room to accommodate their interest in cooking and entertaining their ever-expanding group of friends and family.

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