Luscious Lobster -Fall 2019

by: Marianne R. Stanton

photography by: Jeff Allen

Who doesn’t love lobster?

Often thought of as a summer treat at a seaside resort, clambakes, lobster dinners and lobster rolls are all part of a vacation by the sea. But lobster is available yearround, and so is its appeal. The culinary uses of lobster are many.

The best lobsters in the world are found in the waters off northern New England and Canada, and most menus refer to these as Maine lobsters. In fact, lobsters account for 75 percent of the commercial-fishing catch of the state of Maine.
While you’ll see other varieties of lobster on menus outside of New England, they are not the same. On the East Coast, these are often referred to as spiny lobsters or Caribbean lobsters and consist just of tail meat, no claws. The taste is far inferior to Maine lobsters. The flesh is not nearly as firm nor the meat as sweet.

The same holds true for Australian rock lobsters served on the West Coast and the Pacific Rim. Australian lobsters may be big, but the meat is neither firm, nor sweet. I was hugely disappointed the first – and last – time I tried one. Since then, it’s only Maine lobsters for me.

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