Fill your Home with the Aromas of Holiday Cooking -Winter 2019

by: Susan Simon

photography by: Jeff Allen

Holidays on Nantucket are announced in a variety of ways. Decorations, indoors and out, will let you know what season’s being celebrated, whether it’s a pile of pumpkins placed casually but strategically around a yard, or one pumpkin placed on a window sill.

Come December, ornaments of fresh fruit, pine cones and a big velvet bow may adorn a wreath of greens on a front door. Bowers and garlands of evergreens, holly

Roast Turkey with a Sage Garnish

and wintergreens frame windows and doorways, and strings of twinkling lights that wrap around trees and bushes tell another story. These are the visual cues. The aromas of holiday cooking get further into the details. Fill in the blanks and pinpoint the celebration.

Home cooks can choose from the bounty of the coolweather harvest to make dishes with recipes passed down through generations in combination with new dishes and ingredients. How about roasting a turkey with a pomegranate glaze? Seventeen years ago, I created a roast-turkey recipe for Bon Appetit magazine, and it was an opportunity to use, what was at the time, my new favorite ingredient. Pomegranate molasses is a tart, sweet and tangy syrup that elevates all the other components that share its inclusion.

For something different, try making a soup with sweet parsnips thickened with yogurt, flavored with pungent curry and garnished with crunchy parsnip chips. This and the following recipes are from my winter cookbook, “The Nantucket Holiday Table” (Chronicle Books, 2000).

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