Drink: Wine -Spring 2019

Each wine has its own history. Each bottle has a connection to the place of its origin through terroir, that sense memory of the soil and the weather, from whence the grapes sprung.

by: Kevin Stanton

photography by: Nicole Harnishfeger

Vintners will tell you that anybody can make a good wine from excellent grapes, but the true mark of a wine-maker is a good bottle of wine from a less than excellent vintage. you might not think about it while you are enjoying a glass on your back porch, but everything before that moment had to go just right. I sat down with Alanna Lucas of Nantucket Wine & Spirits, had a glass of wine, or two, and talked about the challenges of running a wine shop.

Nantucket Today:

Alanna Lucas of Nantucket Wine & Spirits

What got you into wine?

Alanna Lucas:

“I grew up in the wine business. between the wine shop and my father Chick Walsh owning 21 Federal, i was kind of born into it.”

Lucas left Nantucket to pursue a career in wine in san Francisco. she started working in a wine shop and later moved on to the distribution side of things. she never expected to move home to Nantucket.

“i started working for a distributer in san Francisco.i met with wine-makers and wrote copy for ad campaigns, but after a while i got tired of sitting at a desk. i missed talking to people about wine. i missed educating people on new wines i’ve tried. i got tired of only dealing with wine from my portfolio.”

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