Cru for Cooks at Home -July 2019

by: Diane Bastarache

photography by: Wayne Chinnock

Erin Zircher may have grown up in the Midwest, raised on chicken dinners, but she has created a following for her New england coastal cuisine at Cru.

Now her fans have the opportunity to recreate some of their favorite dishes with the publication of “Cru Oyster Bar Nantucket Cookbook: Savoring Four Seasons of the Good Life,” a collaborative project between Zircher and her business partners, Jane Stoddard and Carlos Hidalgo.

Classic Nantucket Bluefish

The idea for a cookbook came from one of Cru’s longtime regulars, talent agent Alan Morell. Since starting it, the project has occupied a large portion of Zircher’s time and effort during the off-season.

Because of the seasonality of the island and the nature of their business, the owners of Cru hoped the book would keep the restaurant on people’s minds and in their kitchens throughout the year.

“I wanted the book to be seasonally driven, based on Daffodil Weekend, summer, fall, Stroll and New Year's Eve,” Zircher said. “I try to think about what I would like to eat on Nantucket each season, what's indigenous and sustainable on this island."

The cookbook was intended to be a way to celebrate what Cru has become, which the owners saw as a reflection of who their customers are and what the island has to offer.

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