Bryan Jennings -June 2019

Tucked up in a crow’s nest-like office above triple eight’s distilling operation, surrounded by books on distilling and bottles of whiskey, bryan Jennings is doing some math. before he began working in the whiskey business, Jennings’ academic background was in science.

When asked how important it is to have a science background when making whiskey, he said, “If you don’t have a science background, you’re gonna learn it.”

Bryan Jennings, distiller, holding a bottle of the prized 15year-old Notch whiskey produced by Triple Eight Distillery at Cisco Brewers.

But the science is only part of it. He refers to whiskey as the perfect balance of science and agriculture. Along with Cisco Brewers part-owner Randy Hudson, he is one of the distillers at Triple Eight.

I had a pint with him at the brewery and we talked about whiskey. Ironically, Jennings grew up in a dry town in the Bible Belt of northern Arkansas.

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