Bringing the Past into the present -Winter 2018

by: Leslie Linsley

photography by: Terry Pommett

Since coming to Nantucket in 1974, Bill and Susie Boardman have lived in two different historic houses in town.

“I’m drawn to village life where people know each other. There is a warmth to that,” said Susie, who likes the pace and the intimacy of town and being close enough to walk everywhere.

Susan loves her studio with the built-in bookcase that incorporates and showcases the original beams of the house. All of her supplies are contained in lightship baskets she made.

Boardman has an affinity for the past and tries not to get caught up in the hurry of modern life. It is easy to do once you step inside the Boardmans’ current home, built in 1820, on upper Main Street, not far from Caton Circle. Once the front door closes behind you and you’re inside the foyer, the outside world seems to disappear. Suddenly the house seems to wrap its arms around you and you’re aware that the house is a special part of the historic fabric of the island.

The Boardmans’ first house on the island on Ash Street was even older, built in 1765, so the process of restoring an early Nantucket home is nothing new to them. The results are a spectacular blending of early features with modernization where appropriate.

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