A Little Italian Per Favore -June 2019

by: Diane Bastarache

photography by: Bill Hoenk

One of the most exciting things to do on Nantucket each spring lies in the discovery of new eateries opening up for the season.

Two of the island’s new restaurants this year are the result of the joint efforts of Andrea Solimeo and Taylor Oliver, the owners of Ventuno at 21 Federal.

Via Mare in the cozy bar and dining space in The Greydon House.

Via Mare, inside the Greydon House on Broad Street, and Pizzeria Gemelle at 2 East Chestnut St., the space formerly occupied by Sushi by Yoshi, are extensions of the Italian cuisine served up at Ventuno.

Via Mare means “by sea” in Italian. The name references the Mediterranean style of food found in the Venetian market quarters where menus revolve around the fresh seafood from the Adriatic Sea and the lagoon.

“I want to honor the food culture on the island by combining a New England and Italian style while using the best meats, fish, vegetables and fruits that the farmers and purveyors on Nantucket offer,” said Solimeo, who believes that food can tell a story about who you are, as much as where you are.

“I want to celebrate the ingredients that the growers offer here, and present people with the full spectrum of what I do, while caring for Nantucket in a sustainable fashion.”

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