A Focus on the Future -August 2019

An amazing commitment to island youth

by: Dean Geddes

photography by: Nicole Harnishfeger

On an island that boasts a major commitment to fundraising and philanthropy, the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation sets the gold standard. In its 17 years of existence, the foundation has raised more than $26 million for programs benefitting island kids.

Its money goes directly to supporting the children of Nantucket in a multitude of different ways, from its grant pro- gram, which has benefited more than 70 nonprofits on the island, to scholarship programs for Nantucket students that in- clude full rides to four-year colleges and most recently a voca- tional scholarship.

2019 Nantucket Scholars Jennifer Lamb, who will attend Northeastern, and Jenna Genthner, headed to Bates.

All its fundraising is done each year over a two-day period in August, at the Children’s Charity Classic golf tournament at the Nantucket Golf Club.

“People love that their money is staying here on Nantucket,” said Tom Bresette, chief operating officer at the Nantucket Golf Club and executive director of the foundation.

“They come here, they use the island, and they love it. I al- ways say it would be pretty hard for you to be a kid on Nan- tucket and not have been affected in some way from this funding.”

The Children’s Charity Classic begins with a dinner and auc- tion held the Sunday night after the annual Boston Pops con- cert at Jetties Beach. The following day is a golf tournament for 120 members and guests. Maybe it’s due to good karma, but the event has never been cancelled for weather or any- thing else.

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