5 Wines to drink this summer that aren’t Rosé

by: Kevin Stanton

Rosé and summertime go hand in hand, but so do greenheads in Madaket and traffic on Union Street. It is hard to escape and every year it seems to dominate the market. Cases of Whispering Angel and other producers eat up prime real estate at your favorite package store or wine shop.

People want it, or at least they think they do. The pink hue makes for a great photo op by the pool. Rosé is meant to be drunk young and the quality can greatly fluctuate year to year. Because of that, the wine you were head over heels about the previous summer may not hit the spot this year.

Danielle Medico, Sommelier at Straight Wharf Restaurant, enjoying a glass of Lambrusco

We thought about compiling a list of rosés that aren’t basic and trendy. But the simple fact is, all rosé is basic and trendy. That’s not to say it isn’t delicious. Instead, we decided to talk with five sommeliers about what they would rather be drinking this summer.


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