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An Unlikely Artist

Sculptor Gordon Gund has refused to let his blindness stand in the way of his creativity, and now one of his pieces is in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The seagull’s silver nitrate patina is as sleek...

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Joan Albaugh

Sitting at the kitchen table talking with painter Joan Albaugh, you are surrounded by the sort of playful and ironic kitsch represented by old tin lunch boxes featuring the characters from long-gone...

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Portrait of an Artist: Joanna Kane

Joanna Kane has Manhattan on her mind. Her mood is expansive and restless, a radical shift for an artist who has zealously embraced the quiet and calm of Nantucket for the last quarter century.


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SPLASH: Boatbuilding on Nantucket

The immutable link between the ocean and those who sail upon it has been contemplated and written about for longer than most history can recall. Mankind’s medium for connecting with the earth’s vast seas...

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Nancy Thayer

On a cold and windswept afternoon on the last day of March, Nancy Thayer, best-selling author and new grandmother, spoke from the library of her historic Nantucket home of her life and career as she...

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The Human Face of Shipwrecks

“Throw out the lifeline across the dark wave.
There is a brother whom someone should save.
Oh, Who then will dare, to throw out the lifeline
His peril to share?” 
– A Baptist hymn written by Rev. E.S....

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Christine Sanford

Just inside a trellised gate one morning this summer, the sounds of construction and traffic disappear into the tranquil air that seems to hover over Christine Sanford’s home. Barefoot and dressed in a...

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Salt Meadow Antiques

Almost everyone has driven by Salt Meadow Antiques on Union Street, a major artery into town. One Wagoneer even ran into it. “He said his brakes gave out,” recounts Tom Mello of the afternoon the Jeep...

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Louis Guarnaccia

On a gently overcast morning, Louis Guarnaccia sat next to his back-yard koi pond, the hazy sunlight barely reflecting off the lily pads as orange fish dotted the water’s surface.

Guarnaccia’s hair was...

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Nancy Chase: Scrimshander

She has carved everything from alligators to quahogs, even the presidential seal of the United States for the top of Nancy Reagan’s lightship basket.

“Reagan had not yet been elected president,” said...

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