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Step into the some of the most beautiful and charming homes and gardens on the island through beautiful photography and descriptive writing. Make yourself at home!

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An In-Town Aerie

The saying, “good things come in small packages” is an understatement when it comes to living in a small home. Those who have chosen small spaces, whether to build, buy or rent, know the meaning of making...

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Radiant Rhododendrons

Bursting with color come late spring, rhododendrons

serve as the floral welcoming committee for sunny summer days and carefree island living.

There’s a path around a lake where I like to walk in...

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Saving McAdoo Rugs

In an economy beset with business failures and rising unemployment, Nantucketers Jeff and Cary Turner are decidedly contrarian. On the eve of the country’s slide into recession, they took a bold stab at...

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Cottage Living

When I drive from my house to visit my mom on Upper Main Street I cut through from Pleasant to Vestal by the Maria Mitchell Association and then across on Bloom Street. When the weather is nice, my mother...

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The Sweet Life

“Nobody disputes the role of dogs as man’s best friend, but a convincing argument can also be made for the honey bee.” 
–Martin Elkort, “The Secret Life of Food”

For the past three years, bees in...

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Not Your Grandmother’s Begonias

I’ve heard plenty of folks say “I hate begonias,” many with an especially vehement “hate.” I said it years ago, and feel that I was justified then, but I have radically modified my views toward this group...

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The Best Plants for Nantucket

It set my mind spinning trying to define “best.” Plants serve so many purposes for us, it would be impossible to restrict the list so as to appeal to everyone’s desires. Annual or perennial? Sun or shade?...

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House of Sand and Sea

Wind power is becoming more acceptable and solar has been around for some time and growing in popularity. Alan Worden, co-founder of Windwalker Real Estate and CEO of Scout Capital, has created a home on...

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It’s a love of nature that has had people bringing the outdoors inside for thousands of years. Drawings from ancient Egypt show plants growing in troughs and on pedestals, and ancient art excavated from...

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House on the Hill

Perched atop the quiet landscape where Nantucket’s original town once crowded the banks of Capaum Pond, a dirt drive bordering a wood-fenced pasture fades into a circular white shell driveway that peers...

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