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Step into the some of the most beautiful and charming homes and gardens on the island through beautiful photography and descriptive writing. Make yourself at home!

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This Old House

We live on an island immersed in history. Streets are paved with cobblestones, and historic houses still stand stalwart, first against sea winds and salt air, and then against the flush and fury of...

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Farm To Table

There’s a cornucopia of other vegetables, fruits and agricultural products grown on the island too, and Sustainable Nantucket wants to make sure you know about them all. That’s where its Nantucket Grown...

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Living Small: York Street Retreat

When watercolor artist Barbara van Winkelen first came to Nantucket more than 40 years ago from her home in Windsor, Connecticut, she never dreamed she would own a house here.

Like many artists before...

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In the Garden

As autumn draws to a close and the days gradually, inexorably loan minutes of daylight to the spring, we sink into

the shorter days of winter and begin to regenerate. Heading toward the Christmas season,...

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Ship Shape

When Jay Hanley left his career in finance to become a builder, he brought a great deal of business savvy to his new endeavor. But before opening his own contracting business, he worked for other builders...

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Beautiful Bulbs

Having deer come into our yards and eat our tulips is probably our biggest problem with these lovely flowers on Nantucket, although by 1637, tulip mania became enough of a problem to the Dutch that it...

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An Early Gem

Originally built in 1830, this little gem of a house is just one of three homes located on a sweet in-town lane off Union Street. A lovely lady named Maude Jackson occupied the house for many years. She...

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A Gardening Community

If it’s Sunday morning, and if the weather is even moderately acceptable for working outdoors, you will find John and Judy Lochtefeld at the Nantucket Community Garden. The owners of three plots at this...

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Summer Living at Surfside

When I was a little girl and first came to Nantucket with my parents, we always rented little cottages.

Often the cottage was near or right on Jetties Beach and it was always rustic, much like a typical...

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The Nose Knows

The smell of a flower can trigger an onslaught of memories and emotions, whether it is the scent of a certain rose that reminds you of someone, the heady fragrance of a lilac that brings to mind the...

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