Victorian Gem -Spring 2017

by: Leslie Linsley

photography by: Terry Pommett

When George Korn and his late partner, artist Richard Kemble, bought the Victorian house at 14 Pleasant St., it was in good condition. As avid cooks, the only major renovation project they deemed important was updating the kitchen to suit their needs and add a bathroom on the first floor.

Today the kitchen functions well with a small sitting area at one end with a farmhouse table and painted chairs for casual dining.

A sitting area off the kitchen is filled with the owners’ folk-art collections and paintings.

There was no bathroom on the first floor so they created a small one between the kitchen and a downstairs bedroom that was turned into a combination library and sitting room. They also designed a wall-to-wall built-in bookcase to house their vast collection of art books.

Today the kitchen functions well and the house is filled with early American folk art and paintings, amassed over a lifetime, perfectly suited to the house and a Nantucket style of honoring outstanding craftsmanship.

For many years, Korn and Kemble owned Forager House Collections, an early American folk art and maritime antique shop on Centre Street. Now the business is strictly done online.

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