The Questions: Amy Zielinski -Spring 2018

Amy Zielinski took over as executive director of Sustainable Nantucket this winter after a number of years as the event scheduler at Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm and then a brief stint at the Nantucket Land Council working in development. She believes she’s found her niche in her new position.

How did you end up on Nantucket?

Tell us your story.

I was working for WGBH in Boston and not loving my life. My father had recently passed away at the age of 61 and I realized that life was too short to not be truly happy. My friend suggested a vacation to Nantucket, where I had never been but we had a mutual friend we could stay with.

Shortly after my arrival I left my friend’s house on Main Street for a bike ride to Madaket. I was taken aback by the beauty of the open land on that seven-mile ride and, even though it was foggy at Madaket Beach, I was smitten. We hit the town that night and I was introduced to so many kind, generous people. I still to this day say that it is the people that make Nantucket so special.

After 10 years in television, food was becoming my passion and I really wanted to learn more about farming. I had helped to create a farmers’ market and a community garden and I spent time farming in Costa Rica, but I really wanted to learn more about running a small family farm. I had read an article about Moors End Farm and I reached out to them to see about any possible job opportunities. Luckily, Sue Slosek responded to my unsolicited e-mail. I returned a few weeks later for an interview and they offered me a position on the farm the following spring. The job at Moors End brought me to Nantucket in 2010 and I just never left.

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