THE CLUB CAR -July 2017

An Island Icon Reimagined

by: Amanda C. Lydon

photography by: Terry Pommett

After a winter of demolition and collaborative high design, new owners Mayumi Hattori, Tanya McDonough and Ty Costa have recast the grande dame Club Car as a serene, airy, entirely modern place to eat and drink.

Walking by The Club Car on an overcast Monday in May, a glimpse of soft variegated greens and dusky purples hinted at big changes afoot on Lower Main Street. At each of the Nantucket Wine Festival weekends of years past, the lavish window boxes outside the iconic restaurant exploded with color – hot pink ranunculus, pansies and petunias, orange tulips and daffodils – an exuberant visual cue that the summer season had launched.

Now, a subtle landscape of rosemary, ornamental grasses and succulents has replaced the flowers. Among the pale blues, exposed beams and sculptural brass accents throughout the dining room are greens of all shades. Plants are everywhere – maiden-hair ferns, philodendron and rubber plants – inset into the low white walls flanking the banquettes, and cascading out of baskets artfully suspended from the ceiling by loops of natural rope.

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