The Best of NANTUCKET -July 2017

photography by: Nicole Harnishfeger

Every year for the last 20 years, The Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket’s newspaper, has asked its readers to vote on the Best of Nantucket in an online Readers Poll in nearly 65 categories. Following are the 2016 results. Online voting for 2017 will begin in late August through September on, The Inquirer and Mirror’s website.

Antiques Store
First: Sylvia Antiques/Four Winds Craft Guild
Second: Rafael Osona Auctions
Third (tie): The Antiques Depot, Mark Enik

Asian Restaurant
First: Thai House
Second: Siam to Go
Third: Shangri-La Kitchen

Auto Rental
First: Young’s Bicycle Shop
Second: Windmill Auto Rental
Third: Affordable Rentals

First: Wicked Island Bakery
Second: Petticoat Row Bakery
Third: Nantucket Bake Shop

First: Cisco Brewers
Second: The Chicken Box
Third: The Rose & Crown

First: Tyler Herrick, Cisco Brewers
Second: Anna Worgess, Proprietors Bar & Table
Third: Paul Abbott, Faregrounds              

First: Cisco
Second: 40th Pole
Third: Surfside

Bed and Breakfast
First: Jared Coffin House
Second: Union Street Inn
Third: Greydon House

Bicycle Shop
First: Young’s Bicycle Shop
Second: Island Bike Company
Third: Nantucket Bike Shop

Boat Charter
First: Just Do It Too/Marc Genthner
Second: Althea K/Pete Kaizer
Third: Priscilla J/Tom Mleczko

First: Nantucket Bookworks
Second: Mitchell’s Book Corner
Third: The Hub

First: Something Natural
Second: Nantucket Bake Shop
Third: Wicked Island Bakery

First: Island Kitchen
Second: Downyflake
Third: Black-Eyed Susan’s

First: Petticoat Row Bakery
Second: Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm

Candy Store
First: The Candy Room at Force Five
Second: Sweet Inspirations
Third: Aunt Leah’s Fudge

First: Nantucket Catering Company
Second: Nantucket Clambake Company
Third: A Taste of Nantucket

First: Tucker Harvey/SeaGrille
Second: Liam Mackey/Nautilus
Third (tie): Ruth and Tim Pitts/Centre Street Bistro,
Patrick Ridge/Island Kitchen

Chef: Fine Dining
First: Tony Nastus/Le Languedoc
Second: Michael Getter/Dune
Third: Mark Gottwald/Ships Inn

First: Sweet Inspirations
Second: Ambrosia
Third: Aunt Leah’s Fudge
Third: Nantucket Cake Company (Tiina Polvere)

Clam Chowder
First: The SeaGrille
Second: Sayle’s Seafood
Third (tie): Brant Point Grill, Cru

First: Handlebar Cafe
Second: The Bean
Third: Espresso to Go/Fast Forward

Conservation Property
First: Coskata/Coatue
Second: Cranberry Bogs
Third: Sanford Farm

First: Downyflake
Second: Nantucket Bake Shop
Third: Wicked Island Bakery

Family Dining
First: The SeaGrille
Second: Fusaro’s
Third: Brotherhood of Thieves

Fast Food
First: Stubby’s
Second: Sophie T’s
Third: The Boathouse

First: Daffodil Festival
Second: Cranberry Festival
Third: Wine Festival

Fine Dining
First: Company of the Cauldron
Second: Le Languedoc Third : Ships Inn

Fish Market
First: Sayle’s Seafood
Second: East Coast Seafood
Third: Glidden’s Island Seafood

Food Truck
First: Millie’s
Second: East Coast Seafood
Third: The Lobster Trap

Fried Clams
First: Sayle’s Seafood
Second: The SeaGrille
Third: Cru

Furniture Store
First: The Emporium
Second: Marine Home Center
Third: Stephen Swift

Garden Center
First: Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm
Second: Surfing Hydrangea Nursery
Third: Moors End Farm

Gift Shop
First: Nantucket Looms
Second: Nantucket Whaling Museum
Third: Four Winds Craft Guild

Hair Salon
First: RJ Miller Salon + Spa
Second: Darya Salon & Spa
Third: Beauty Bar

Hair Stylist
First: Bob Miller
Second: Darya Afshari
Third: Margie Malone

First: Lola Burger
Second: Brotherhood of Thieves
Third: Le Languedoc

Ice Cream
First: The Juice Bar
Second: Stars Ice Cream
Third: Nantucket Pharmacy

Inexpensive Meal
First: Crosswinds
Second: Stubby’s
Third: Sophie T’s

Italian Restaurant
First: Pi Pizzeria
Second: Fusaro’s
Third: Ventuno

Interior Designer
First: Carolyn Thayer
Second: Kathleen Hay
Third: Donna Elle

Jewelry Store
First: Jewel of the Sea
Second: Jessica Hicks
Third: Jewelers’ Gallery

Kids Camp
First: Maria Mitchell Discovery Camp
Second: Boys & Girls Club Summer Camp
Third: Strong Wings Adventure Camp

Kids Clothing
First: Pinwheels
Second: Kidding Around
Third: Murray’s Toggery

First: Tom Hanlon Landscaping
Second: Sconset Gardener
Third: Dave Champoux

Men’s Clothing
First: Murray’s Toggery
Second: Nobby Clothes Shop
Third: The Haulover

First: Nantucket Whaling Museum
Second: Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum
Third: Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum

Nail Salon
First: RJ Miller Salon +Spa
Second: On Glaze
Third: Sisters’ Salon & Spa

First: The Chicken Box
Second: Tree Bar at Town
Third: Atlas Restaurant

Outdoor Dining
First: The Galley
Second: Cru

First: Pi Pizzeria
Second: Sophie T’s
Third: Oath Craft Pizza

Real Estate Office
First: Great Point Properties
Second: The Maury People
Third: Congdon & Coleman

Romantic Restaurant
First: Company of the Cauldron
Second: The Galley
Third: The Chanticleer

First: Something Natural
Second: Provisions
Third: Henry Jr.

Seafood Restaurant
First: The SeaGrille
Second: Straight Wharf Restaurant
Third: Sayle’s Seafood

Shoe Store
First: Murray’s Toggery
Second: Nobby Clothes Shop
Third: Vis-A-Vis

First: The Juice Bar
Second: The Green
Third: Lemon Press

First: RJ Miller Salon + Spa
Second: Sisters’ Salon & Spa

Summer Event
First: July 4 Festivities
Second: Pops at Jetties Beach
Third: Nantucket Race Week
Opera House Cup

First: Lola 41
Second: Sushi by Yoshi
Third: Shangri-La Kitchen

Toy Store
First: The Toy Boat
Second: Island Variety
Third: Nantucket Toy Company

Water View Dining
First: The Galley
Second: Cru
Third: Brant Point Grill

Wine Shop
First: Hatch’s Package Store
Second: The Islander Package Store
Third: Épernay Wine & Spirits

Women’s Clothing
First: Vis-A-Vis
Second: Blue Beetle
Third: Murray’s Toggery

Best Thing About Nantucket
The Beaches!

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