Ted Muehling -Winter 2016

An artist at heart

by: Susan Simon

I can’t remember exactly when I fell for Ted Muehling’s work, but I know it was when I saw it at his sister Carol’s shop, Patina, on Nantucket.

The first pieces that seduced me were the earrings: little acorn-shaped drops of amethyst, frosted crystal and agate chalcedony, delicate, gold-filigreed, Queen Anne’s lace studded with diamonds, pearls and agate, and clusters of gold and turquoise beads.

Then came the vine-like bracelets and necklaces, the decorative objects and housewares in forms derived from nature, produced in collaboration with the German porcelain manufacturer Nymphenburg; Lobmeyr, the Austrian crystal company; Wiener Silber Manufactur; and E.R. Butler, the New York City hardware company.

I felt privileged to meet with Ted at his shop/studio in lower Manhattan. The meeting took place on one of those sweltering-hot August days that completely vaporized as soon as I entered his 52 White St. location. I was immediately transported into a cool (in every sense of the word) space, filled with his jewelry and decorative objects as well as flea-market finds, and pieces of nature that could have been in a private natural-history museum belonging to an eccentric yet noble curator of flora and fauna.

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