New Look For an Old House -Fall 2018

by: Leslie Linsley

photography by: Terry Pommett

Nantucket mariner Christopher Folger built a house on the north shore in 1753, at the tender age of 21. He died at sea in 1774 and the house stayed in the immediate family until his son sold it to his cousin in 1800.

The house is described as a lean-to, one-and-three-quarter stories, with a ridge chimney, originally a three-bay facade with a shed-roof extension. Over the years there have been many owners, each attempting to restore and change it to make the house livable for the times, but none quite bringing it up to its full potential.

Paths lead through the multi-level garden filled with a variety of plantings, artistically designed by Anna-Karin Dillard.

When Anna-Karin Dillard first saw the house in 1995, she recognized its good bones and felt up to the challenge of exposing its original character and turning it into a comfortable, charming, well-designed home for her family.

It was a project she felt she could tackle. Her husband David wasn’t so sure, and her friend Toby Greenberg, a longtime Nantucket homeowner, tried very hard to discourage her from buying it.

“I wasn’t particularly looking for an historic home, especially not one that needed so much work. I just wanted an in-town house we could afford, and this was the only one available at the time. We decided this would be my project for the next four months. David took this as an opportunity to pursue his passion, a sailing trip to Chile to immerse himself in learning Spanish,” Dillard said.

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