NCMC: Back to Basics -Fall 2018

Returning to its roots, the Nantucket Music Center has added “Community” back into its name and restructured its operation.

by: Lucy Turnipseed

photography by: Terry Pommett

The Nantucket Community Music Center has made a move to switch its focus and concentrate its efforts back on the needs of those it serves – primarily music students – as opposed to spending time and money on fundraising galas or bringing in world-class performers, which the organization believes is important, but not its function.

“For now, the Nantucket Community Music Center will focus on its students, ensembles and faculty: music for the people by the (island) people,” board president Deborah Beale said. “If you ask most people, they still know it as “NCMC.” I look forward to using the ‘Community’ in our name because our center is for everyone.”

Intern instructor Sam Panner, left, with a violin student.

“In transitioning, we’re doing what our mission is saying we do,” said Gabrielle Gould, departing director.

Five years ago, ReMain Nantucket helped the Nantucket Community Music Center move from upstairs at 11 Centre St., which it had to vacate each summer, to its current location at 56 Centre St., a space it shares with the Nantucket Community School. ReMain finances the space but is not involved with the operation.

“Our goal in leasing part of the building to the music center was to have it become a community space where students could learn to love and play music,” said ReMain executive director Melissa Philbrick, who retired at the end of the summer.

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