Food and Wine 101: Perfect Pairings -Spring 2018

by: Marianne R. Stanton

photography by: Beatrice PeltreĢ

A new book, published late last year, may help novices demystify the process of choosing wine when dining out, and pairing it with food at home.

“Drink Progressively,” by Hadley and TJ Douglas, is an accessible volume for those who want to learn more about wine. It encourages exploration and experimentation and provides a road map for the journey.

Lamb Chops Scottadito

Wines are rated on a scale of 1-10, from 1 for a light-bodied white wine with a mouth feel akin to skim milk, to 5, which is a medium-bodied wine with a mouth feel like whole milk. Wines rating a 10 are the fullest-bodied wines with a mouth feel like heavy cream.

The rating system was a bit confusing, but I did enjoy the way chapters were broken down by wines, from light on the scale to heavy, describing regions and varietals with a little history on their favorite vineyards, New World and Old World.

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