Downsizing in Style -Winter 2016

by: Leslie Linsley

photography by: Terry Pommett

Anyone who lives on Nantucket, or visits in the summer, has at one time or another been to the RJ Miller salon. Bob Miller’s clients go back three generations and are a loyal bunch. It is a touchstone and a reassurance that some things haven’t changed from one year to the next. Bob knows how to make everyone feel welcome, as though he were just waiting for their return. He knows their lives and facts about their children and how many grandchildren they have. His personality is that of a good neighbor you’re always happy to see. He cares about how you look when you walk out of the salon, and you get the feeling he genuinely cares about you. People, mostly women, count on him for catching up on all the news on the island and who’s coming and going, births and passings, what new restaurants have opened since their last visit. It’s usually the first place a summer resident heads when the season begins, and the last place they visit before leaving the island. There are many visits in-between. But don’t ever expect to get a good scoop of gossip. Like every good hairdresser (or bartender) he’s a good listener and conversationalist and always has a good word to say about everyone.

Bob and Carol Miller came to Nantucket in 1974 after reading an article about the island in National Geographic.

“We moved to Nantucket because we had a very busy life and business in New Jersey and we were looking for a calmer, more laid-back lifestyle,” Carol said. “We met other people who seemed to be looking for the same thing.”

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