Creative Colony on the Moors’ Edge -Fall 2018

by: Dean Geddes

Tucked away down a narrow, winding dirt road in the middle moors is a quiet, sprawling, seven-acre estate with a barn and a pond surrounded by protected open space. You would never know from the outside, but since 2002 it has been a creative mecca, where scores of up-and-coming artists have come from across the country to create screenplays, songs, films and photographs.

These all-expenses-paid pilgrimages, which typically last three to four weeks, are hosted and funded by the Almanack Arts Colony and the Nantucket Screenwriters Colony, a pair of nonprofit organizations that share use of the property.

Photography Colony participants Leah Wilson, Tom Remp, Bill Hoenk and Brian Sager this spring.

The idea is to provide emerging artists with a space that is distraction-free so they can focus all their energy on their work.

“For me as a young writer, it was transformative,” said filmmaker Chase Palmer, who attended the Screenwriters Colony in 2003, and whose credits include the screenplay for Stephen King’s “It.”

“I was living in Brooklyn and I felt like for the first time people took me seriously and because of it I was ultimately able to finish a script that really started my professional writing career.”

Each night there is a group dinner for the residents. The meal, catered by a private chef, is the only obligation they have. The rest of the time they are free to explore the island, work and create.

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