Company of the Cauldron -July 2017

Chef Joseph Keller Puts His Own Spin on a Familiar Place

by: John Stanton

photography by: Terry Pommett

A chef and a deliveryman stood in the kitchen of The Company of the Cauldron one morning in early June, just chatting the way people here do in those moments when the summertime has not yet demanded all their attention. Mornings in restaurant kitchens have an expectant kind of quiet. The rush of final preparations and service is hours away. The tables are empty. The menu for tonight has not yet begun to manifest itself into plates of food heading out to diners.

The deliveryman mentioned that his grandfather was Charlie Sayle Jr., who died in 2014.

Chef Joseph Keller worked at The Woodbox before heading out to Napa Valley to help his brother Thomas with The French Laundry and Bouchon.

“I remember Charlie very well,” the chef said. “When I came back to the island I was devastated to hear he had died.”

They both agreed that the clam powder Sayle put into his chowder is something chowders should not go without.

“It is amazing stuff, even for chefs who think they know everything,” the chef said.

They both agreed that it is always something simple that makes the difference in great food. Then the deliveryman headed off to his next stop.

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