Bringing a Little Rome to Nantucket -Spring 2017

by: Amanda C. Lydon

photography by: Janie Dretler

It was a plate of prosciutto that convinced me. Our friend Andrea “Dre” Solimeo, longtime chef at Nantucket’s Ventuno, first teasingly suggested that Italians hold back from exporting their finest work and that in Rome, we’d taste the good stuff they normally kept for themselves. And so, a trip to Rome for our family’s Christmas was the destination we chose, trusting that the combination of Greco-Roman mythology and carbohydrates would keep our young children fascinated and happy. But at that moment, in the basement of Roscioli, an emporium/restaurant on everyone’s “Best of Rome” list, I could start to understand what Dre had meant. The curls of prosciutto were something of a happy shock, far paler than any prosciutto I had seen. They were richly marbled and luscious. We had chosen to stay a short walk from the market square Campo di Fiori, a dense maze of food stalls offering everything from long-stemmed artichokes masterfully trimmed to order, to cups of freshly-squeezed pomegranate juice and piles of tiny, jewel-like clementines.

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