B&B Goes Modern -Fall 2018

Complementary historic architecture and modern design, skillfully styled, set Hotel Pippa, which opened in May at the corner of Centre and Chestnut streets, apart from other boutique hotels on the island.

by: Lucy Turnipseed

photography by: Terry Pommett

The 17-room property is Christopher and Asta Skehel’s first hotel on Nantucket, a long-talked-of project put into action when they purchased the former Hotel Green property this winter and swiftly renovated it.

Walking into the predominantly navy and white lobby, guests are struck with the feeling of an elevated, innovative Nantucket sensibility.

“Everyone really gravitated toward this one,” general manager Kevin Withrow said of the Nathan Coe photograph “Towel Girl,” which serves as the focal point in the room.

“It’s an embodiment of the brand: mid-century modern, really clean lines and it has this young side to it, which definitely shows in our demographic as well.”

Withrow, who was an integral part of the redesign, was the innkeeper at the revitalized Greydon House for two years and previously helped open Habitat 101, a 65-room apartment hotel in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He grew up on the island, learning the luxury-hotel business from his parents, who own and operate the Union Street Inn.

“Especially for how small it is, we tried to get it to be a little more dynamic than a typical sitting room. The sofa and wallpaper are custom-made and we tried to refine the space, make it really purpose-built,” Withrow said of the lobby.

What its website boasts as “Nantucket’s newest style icon” has expressions of the trend toward younger travelers along with more worldly design accents than the typical island hotel throughout the building.

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