At Ease on The Cliff -June 2018

by: Leslie Linsley

photography by: Terry Pommett

You might think it’s easy for two people whose businesses involve designing and furnishing other people’s homes to design their own living space.

But when interior designer Jennifer Sell and her husband Francis Farrell decided to build a house, it took more than three years to complete. Settled in for several years now, it seems to have been worth the wait.

Interior designer Jennifer Sell stands on the farmhouse-style front porch of the house she designed and built with her husband, Francis Farrell.

“We live easily in our home. We named the house ‘At Ease’ because that’s the way we feel

when we walk over the threshold,” Sell said. The home is located on Cliff Road where the surrounding properties were once part of the Westmoor Farm that preceded today’s Westmoor Club. In 1964 this part of the island was farmland, not the exclusive enclave it is today. Westmoor Farm was owned by Francis “Franny” and Barbara Holdgate, who raised their family there. Westmoor had horses and a riding stable, but in order to derive income in the off-season, the Holdgates also built a lodge for the sport of rabbit-hunting.

In 2004, Sell and Farrell acquired the “rabbit lodge,” as they still refer to it, with the intention of renovating it and turning it into their home.

“After considerable thought we concluded that it wasn’t economically feasible, so we downsized the structure, relocated it on the property, and renovated it into what is now our guest cottage,” Sell said.

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