Antiques and a Nod to History Complete an Island Home -Winter 2017

by: Leslie Linsley

photography by: Terry Pommett

One of the things about living in an historic house on Nantucket is discovering its individuality and eccentricities. It might be a quirky door, a delightful little alcove or early architectural details.

Located off Main Street in the Old Historic District is a fine example of a perfectly-restored, two-and-a-half story, three-bay house, built in the early 1800s at the height of the whaling industry on Nantucket. It was the third such house the designer/owner has renovated.

The master bedroom is furnished with early American furniture and the soft pink and sage green used throughout the house are found here. Checks, florals and geometric patterns are characteristic of the period of the house.

“We basically restored the house to its original elegance. We remodeled bathrooms, relocated the kitchen and reconfigured the use of the rooms,” she said.

The rooms were tastefully decorated with authentic antiques and furnishings that she researched with extreme care. Recently there has been much debate over the waning interest in antiques by new homeowners here on the island. Many have stopped furnishing with antique furniture or any of the accessories that are typical of handcrafts associated with the island’s past. Lightship baskets, scrimshaw, pond models and whirligigs are replaced with more modern accessories. Local art, however, seems to prevail.

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