A Tale of Two Sandwiches -August 2018

by: Peter Sutters

photography by: Nicole Harnishfeger

Henry Jr. and Something Natural are the island’s two iconic sandwich shops. They couldn’t be more different in their menus and the total experience, but the common thread is genealogy. The owners, brother and sister Matt and Syd Fee, were raised making sandwiches and baking bread in their parents’ first restaurant.

A good sandwich from a local shop should take five, maybe 10 minutes to make.

A cool and shady picnic spot on the grounds of Something Natural on Cliff Road, abutting Coffin Park

But if you want to go from good to great, it’s going to take roughly 50 years.

“When I was 6, my younger brother Andrew and I had to go to Jetties Beach with ‘Eat at Henry’s, Steamboat Wharf ’ sandwich boards draped over us,” said Sydney “Syd” Fee, 55, owner of Henry Jr. on Orange Street. “We had bells on our wrists and would try to get people to go to dad’s for lunch.”

“I knew I wanted to get into it because we both worked for our parents growing up,” her brother Matt Fee, 58, owner of Something Natural on Cliff Road, said. “I started as a busboy at The Skipper and was pouring water at the table and getting it all over the chairs and people’s laps and I was a little shy, so I went in the back to hang out in the bakery.”

He took to baking and was making doughnuts by age 12, and then one day, when he was off-island at prep school, he got a call from home.

“The baker had gotten into a tiff with my dad and walked out,” Matt said. “He called the school that day and I didn’t even stay for my final exam. They shipped me back to the island and I was in the bakery the next day.”

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