A Home for All Seasons -Fall 2017

by: Leslie Linsley

photography by: Terry Pommett

When Nancy Cooke and Richard Schafer built their home on Nantucket in 1997 they designed it to perfectly suit their lifestyle.

“We found a piece of property that spoke to us. We loved the serenity and peacefulness it provided and knew we’d enjoy living here in all seasons,” Richard said. “We knew we had to have gardens, a big fireplace, an efficient open kitchen for catering parties, big open rooms that revealed the outdoors and lots of light. ”

Richard Schafer and Nancy Cooke under the arbor at the edge of their garden. “We love sitting here at the end of the day and contemplating the garden,” Nancy said.

That’s why they chose the property far from town on Polpis Road, where they have plenty of room for their passions: cooking and gardening. Their house responds to an organic lifestyle where living and working overlap without boundaries.

“We use every inch of this house,” which includes two bedrooms and a bath upstairs and a separate master suite downstairs, Nancy said.

“In the winter we keep the fireplace going. It’s so warm and welcoming in the center of the house. During the spring, summer and fall we’re in the garden a lot,” she said.

The doors in every room open onto the patios or gardens that can be seen from the open floor plan.

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