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2017 Advertising Specs

Camera Ready Ads: We accept only Mac compatible digital files. For PDF files (preferred) all fonts must be embedded, color as CMYK, NOT spot or RGB and resolutions are NOT to be downsampled. There will be a charge for any digital ads which are submitted incorrectly and need to be corrected. Photoshop and Illustrator files should be saved in .TIFF or .EPS format. Photos and Logos should be 300 DPI. Line art should be 1200 DPI. We do not accept PageMaker or InDesign ads. All ads must be accompanied by laser proofs.

Layout and production charges: For advertisers without camera-ready material, the Inquirer and Mirror provides professional services for creating ads at $75 per hour, one hour minimum. Color images will be scanned at the following rates: (sizes are final sizes as image appears in advertisement) 3 x 4 inches or less $78, 4 x 5 inches $93, 5 x 7 inches $108, 6 x 9 inches $123, 8 x 10 inches $145. Black and white images will be scanned for $50 each.

Preferred placement: Special positions are guaranteed when available, on a no cancellation basis at a 20% premium. General positioning is at the discretion of the publisher.

General terms: If multi-rate contracts are not fulfilled, the client will be rebilled at a 1x rate. Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time. All rates shown are net rates.

Advertising deadlines are as published. If an ad is scheduled for a given issue and the material is not received by the issue ad deadline, the most recently run ad will be repeated and the customer will be charged.

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